Kaluga, the flavor of the sea...

Kaluga brings the natural and fresh flavors of Aegean cuisine to  
Mediterranean tables. On the delicious are special flavors like  
Kaluga menu are Kaluga Seafood Products  
Peach Kebap, Swiss Chard Leer Fish Stew, Scallops in a Bed of  
Sea Beans, Lobster with Bernaise Sauce, Skewered Shrimp with  
Basil and Lemon, White Wine Laos Stew, Sea Bass with Artichokes,  
Grilled Bass, Garlic Vongole, Octopus Leg, Grilled Artichokes and  
Fava Beans in Olive Oil, Skewered Shrimp, Provencal Swordfish,  
Bass Ceviche with Raki, Salmon with Caper Dill, Warm Atom with  
Dried Pepper, and “Moullex Marine” white wine mussels.  
You can make a reservation for the unique flavors of Kaluga.

Hours of Service: 19:00 - 23:00 

Reservations required.