The mystic world of flavor in the far east... 

Special service tables The Far East flavors that cook on the grill.  
Teppanyaki masters that amaze whoever watches them.  
And the charming ambiance of Myoga... You can experience the  
atmosphere of the exotic Far East and the charming air of the culture 
together with delicious shows at the Myoga restaurant where the  
talents of real Teppanyaki master chefs are on display. 


Myoga Menu

On Myoga’s menu are numerous special dishes like tempura shrimp,  
sushi varieties like masago, ebiten roll and crab prepared with avocado  
and sesame, and futo maki prepared with carrot, avocado, sweet shitake  
mushrooms, and tomago, as well as Eel Unagi, Handmade  
Noodle & Wonton Soup, Miso Soup made from dried seaweed, and  
fried duck wontons prepared with duck meat, mushrooms, bamboo,  
and special Myoga sauce. 

Hours of Service: 19:00 - 23:00 
Reservations required